Outer Envelope Printing Services

Minimum order of 25.

This listing is for adding return address printing to the back flap of the envelopes in your order. You can also add Guest Address printing to the fronts of your envelopes as well!

Click through ALL of the options in this listing and add the same quantity that you need to your cart. (Always order 5-10 extras as minimums apply for reorders.) Put your return address in the Special Request section.


  • Black ink is best for light-medium color stocks. It is not legible on dark stocks.
  • Color ink is best for light-medium color stocks. It is not legible on dark stocks.
  • White ink is best for medium to dark color stocks. It is not legible on light stocks.


If you are adding Guest Address printing to the fronts of your outer envelopes, you can download our guest addressing template under RESOURCES on our main home page menu. Make sure it is perfect and error free before submitting to reduce or eliminate proofing fees. Email the complete template to info@dreaminginpaper.com - we only accept Excel files. 


Note: White ink printing extends order processing 7-10 business days.


If you need only Guest Address printing, visit this lisiting:


Outer Envelope Printing Services

PriceFrom $0.80
  • If wording is short, type it directly into the Special Request box. Be sure to check wording for accuracy before placing order. Kindly do not type in all caps.


    If wording/information is lengthier (i.e. wedding invitation wording), download applicable templates to compose your wording/information. Links are available under RESOURCES on our main Home Page. Read over the instructions at the top of the template and send it to us as an attachment once it is completed. Make sure it is error-free before submitting to reduce or eliminate additional proofing rounds. Save it with your last name and order number and email it to: info@dreaminginpaper.com as an editable attachment.


    Most listings include 2 rounds of proofing on each item (additional rounds are available for purchase).


    Proofs are generally emailed within 3 business days. Orders will never ship until a proof approval is received via email. Email approvals are legally binding, and any revisions requested after approvals have been given may be subject to reprinting/producing fees, including reordering of paper stocks and supplies and/or labor & assembly, if applicable.


    Proofing must be done in a timely manner to guarantee that products will be delivered on time. It is expected that approvals/changes/revisions to proofs be communicated within 3 business days of receiving proofs from Dreaming In Paper.


    Customers are 100% responsible for grammar, spelling, dates, times, etc. on all parts of the products ordered and are advised to thoroughly review all provided digital proofs. It is recommended that more than one person review proofs as well. Be sure to review all parts before providing an approval. Products will go to print once we receive an approval and may be subject to substantial fees if changes need to be made once an approval is received.