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How to File a Claim with USPS

While it is rare, occasionally shipped packages are lost or damaged.

It is recommended that you first check with your local city post office to

resolve your issue.


You can file a domestic claim for lost or damaged packages online at for packages covered by USPS insurance as described in the “Insurance Availability” section. The online claims process allows you to electronically upload .pdf and .jpg files as the required supporting documentation for a claim.

There are eight easy steps to file a claim online:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in to the Online Claims site with your user name and password. New users can register for a user name and password at

  3. Enter the Tracking/Label Number and shipping date. This can be found on your shipping confirmation email.

  4. Enter the address information and claim details.

  5. Select the reason for filing a claim.

  6. Upload proof of value, such as a receipt of purchase (upload .pdf and .jpg files as attachments).

  7. If required, enter insurance fees and upload evidence of insurance (e.g., a mailing receipt) using a .pdf or .jpg attachment.

  8. Review your claim information and submit it.

You must keep evidence of insurance (your order / receipt) until the claim is resolved.

Every package shipped with USPS Priority Mail by Dreaming In Paper is insured for up to $50.00 per package unless the customer has requested and purchased additional shipping insurance coverage.  (Sample Packs do not include shipping insurance.)


Dreaming In Paper is not affiliated with USPS and is not responsible for claim approvals from USPS.  Once your USPS claim is approved, you can place your order again and Dreaming In Paper will expedite the reproduction of your order as quickly as possible. You can also request that we ship your order with UPS or FEDEX, at your expense.


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